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If you choose to make or receive payments in a currency different from the designated currency of your payment method, your credit or bank card issuer may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Please contact your provider to learn more about what fees may apply. Airbnb is not responsible for these fees.

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One option might be to use sites like Homeaway if they have properties where you want to go. Then you can pay using whatever method you want. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I've recently discovered Airbnb silently overcharges their customers by converting each transaction into their local currency: Things I've tried so far: Selecting a different country when adding my debit card Changing my location in the profile Changing the displayed currency in Airbnb's settings Changing the billing country at the "confirm and pay" screen.

It used to be possible to change to the local Airbnb website, and pay through that. I don't believe this is possible any longer however.

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Have you also tried setting up a new account on the local airbnb website? Thus, they created a website and offered to rent out space in their apartment; they got three people — and an idea was born. The duo summoned their friend Nathan Blecharczyk to join the team and launched "Air Bed and Breakfast" as it was originally called a year later. They officially changed the name to Airbnb in Joining Airbnb is free for everyone, whether you're looking to sell or rent a space. There are many ways to fill out your profile. However, there are different requirements for both renters and hosts:.


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You must add a profile picture. There are also various verification options, which help prove to potential guests that Airbnb has vetted your account and proven your legitimacy. You can verify your phone number via the steps provided on Airbnb's site. You can also verify your ID , which means you've provided Airbnb with a verified email address, phone number, profile picture and ID. In some instances, guests may be required to have a verified ID. If you're making a last-minute reservation, you'll have to get verified. Airbnb also randomly samples users and asks them to verify their IDs.

Guests and hosts can also write and receive reviews , which are limited to words. If you wish, you can post a response to a review. For hosts, the response will show up under a listing; it'll show up under a profile for a guest. After you log in, go to Airbnb's homepage. It will prompt you to search for a location, a beginning and end date, and the number of guests looking for lodging.

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The site will then pull up all the available listings. If available, you can further specify your requests, such as looking for an entire apartment, a single room or a shared room, as well as maximum and minimum pricing. Add it to your wish list: This is helpful if you like the place, but aren't sure yet if it's the one. It'll get saved onto your wish list so you can revisit it. Contact host: And told me it was because I have an american credit card. Which I do not. He also pointed out that as its a 'community' I might not expect to get technical questions addressed as we are all part of a 'community'.

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I then got a 'How happy are you with the service and was my query answered' request. Gave them a low score and NO. I have had one further email from someone that seemed to suggest there was no problem and there has been nothing more. I asked for this issue to be corrected and my foreign currency charges to be reimbursed but no reply. I also told them that I will not be using this service while on a month long trip to Australia unless this is sorted and this has not been acknowledged.

I paid through paypal and so when it reaches the appropriate time limit I will press this with paypal. AirBNB appear to be a modern well run company but i think using currency shenannigans to fleece customers is incredibly poor and trying to hide sharp commercial practice behind presenting this as an issue of an amatuer or voluntary company is shocking.

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  6. This is a commercial operation and are required to meet contractual obligations. Well said you. Airbnb are basically not interested , I post my rants on their Facebook page! You wonderful man! I've just spent half an hour on the main site on my laptop trying to figure out how to change the currency. Easy on the App, folks! Thank you so much. I did this and yes it is easy on the app but the prices on the Air BNB page are all displayed in US dollars and it seems guests have to select their language and currency at the bottom right hand corner of the page once they click on an experience.

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    This is confusing and would be much better if prices were just displayed in Australian dollars for Australian experiences. However I imagine guests can be anywhere in the world when booking! Hopefully your advise has worked! Community Center:

    airbnb app android change currency Airbnb app android change currency
    airbnb app android change currency Airbnb app android change currency
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    airbnb app android change currency Airbnb app android change currency
    airbnb app android change currency Airbnb app android change currency

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