Top 5 open world games android

1. Gangstar Vegas

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Take some of the popular games like Subway Surfer and Unkilled, for example. In shooting games like Unkilled , you are given a closed environment which you can explore and kill the bad guys.

But still, you can roam around freely and interact with most of the objects in the game. As these types of games offer a great story-line, they are fun to play.

The Best Open World Android Games: List Of 20 Best Games Of This Category/Genre

Gangstar Vegas is one of the most extensive open world games you can get on your Android. Car, bikes and even air crafts, there are a lot of options to explore this open-world game. The objective of the game if to be an ultimate gangster and make a squad to take over the mafia wars in Vegas city. The game is basically a third-person shooter , but has a lot in it other than just shooting. The game is free to download, but like most of the free games these days, you get the option of in-app purchases. Everything else you do is completely up to you — you choose your alliances, you choose your missions and the world is your oyster.

Upon first glance, you might not quite understand why this game is here. Forza Horizon 4 takes the winning formula even further — arguably perfecting it.

Open World Android Games: List Of 15 Best Open World Games For Android

Plus, there are new expansions getting added, like Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island, that add even more content. What makes it such a success is the freedom it gives you. You can go anywhere, do anything and commit however many atrocities as your wicked heart pleases. There are also a ton of side activities available. So, in your downtime from creating all kinds of mayhem, you can take up some tennis, yoga, or even kick your feet up and watch some TV. The plot may have made less sense than a mumbling monkey with a mouthful of marbles, but Hideo Kojima's swansong was a masterpiece of layered open world mechanics.

He traverses the areas on foot, horseback, or in a variety of ground vehicles. You can take either lethal or non-lethal weapons, and a variety of AI companions. The world itself is believably bleak, weather-torn and heavily-guarded. Uniquely, it learns from your behaviour - overuse a particular tactic, and enemies will adapt. For example, rely too much on headshots and they'll start to wear metal helmets. Away from the frontline, you can develop Mother Base by building new facilities and airlifting enemy soldiers, prisoners, resources, vehicles, animals and anything else you want to from the battlefield to beef up your armory.

Bethesda has made a name for itself over the last couple of decades for making some of the best open world games, and Fallout 4 is a fantastic example of why. When Middle Earth: Fight crime, explore the city of Rio de Janeiro, steal cars, complete over sixty missions with the mixture of random events, and take out corrupt politicians.

Additionally, for the first time ever in the Gangstar series, players can customize their character with new shirts, hats, glasses, and more.

Top 10 Open World Games for Android 200Mb - 2019 -

Looking to rid the school from these jocks and thugs, players are tasked in taking them out. As you fight bullies and steal their lunch money the game will offer players various upgrades in both armor and diabolical weapons all while playing online with other gamers. Mines of Mars is described by developers Crescent Moon Games, as an RPG title that shares elements similar to both Metroid and Motherload which is quite apparent when starting the game. Within Mines of Mars , players explore an abandoned mining colony that is procedural generated. As players progress through the game, they dig up dark secrets although, much like Metroid , aliens will be meeting you at your every turn.

Crashlands is a relatively new RPG title that follows Flux Dabes, a trucker who delivers goods through space. One day, during a run, Flux becomes a target of an alien menace named Hewgodooko who has since caused our little space trucker to become aware of an upcoming world domination plot. Players must use their cunning to stop this alien attempt in world domination while progressing through this cartoonish isometric action RPG.

Galaxy Fire 2 is an excellent spacecraft simulation title where players control the space war veteran, Keith T. Players must save the galaxy from the invading alien threats, careless space pirates, and the power-crazed men who wish to take over total control. Fans of video games like Eve Online should feel right at home as the game focuses on space travel and combat while the in-game currency is spent on new spacecrafts or various upgrades.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the more popular Star Wars titles to ever release. This is an RPG that takes place thousands of years before the first film which means both the Jedi and Sith are great in numbers.

11 best open world games on PC today

Through the epic journey, players are given freedom of how they progress their character and story as you can determine if you wish to side with the Jedi or fall into the lure of the dark side. Developers, Aspyr Media Inc. Knights of the Old Republic and because of that, this game will require over 2.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas players take the role of Carl Johnson who was once part of the corruption of the Los Santos city. Carl was no stranger to the life of gangs and drugs though he managed to escape it for over five years. However, after the murder of his mother, Car Johnson, better known as CJ, picks back up the life of crime.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas originally released back in and now over ten years later, developers Rockstar Games has remastered the title for mobile devices with enhanced visuals. Much like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the mobile platform. Just like all the other mobile Grand Theft Auto video game titles, controls are tight, the graphics have been updated, and the open world is available for players to do as they wish.

Skyrim before and it definitely has that appeal of epic long journeys and quest embarking adventures. Developers Valorware, deliver an old school RPG video game filled with mystery, danger, but most of all, adventure.

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Top 5 open world games android

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