Voice recognition application for windows 7

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This software can also be a boon to people with disabilities or injuries that restrict keyboard and mouse use. Regardless of your station in life and your reason for needing this software, the best dictation software is easy to use and will simplify your life. Voice-to-text software is largely about speed and accuracy. The programs vary quite a bit in price, and spending a little more typically pays off in features and overall accuracy.

The busier your lifestyle, the more you can benefit from this software that helps streamline and simplify your life.

The software packages on the market lend themselves to people of all stripes, including students, professionals and homemakers. Once you have customized the settings to your liking, you simply wake your computer up with the proper command and go to work hands-free. Accuracy and the Ability to Edit The most important trait of voice dictation software is its accuracy.

This kind of software is meant to save you time, and programs with a low accuracy score might make you go back and spend time manually editing your document. In addition to recognizing your voice and turning the words you dictate into text, good programs should also make it easy to edit documents and apply formatting to them.

Most programs, however, are only coded for basic formatting, like underlining or bolding, so depending on which program you ultimately select, you may still have to apply any advanced formatting you need manually. Some programs have a spell-check feature, and some allow you to select a particular word or sentence and modify it. Many options only allow for commas and periods, but the best programs let you insert anything into your document, even graphics. The program should also be able to open, close, minimize and navigate one or more programs, windows, folders and files smoothly.

Voice Tools: Customizable Commands, Words and Profiles Many of these programs work decently right out of the box. However, you can dictate with increased accuracy with programs that include a voice training option. This lets you record a few paragraphs of text, allowing the software to become familiar with your voice and the way you talk and pronounce words. Some programs even allow for multiple voice profiles, allowing multiple people within your business or household to have unique profiles tailored to their voices and diction.

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Furthermore, the best software can understand a variety of voices, accents and languages. Another useful feature is the ability to create custom commands to perform certain operations. Many applications only have preset commands, but a few allow you to add, edit, delete and otherwise customize them, for added ease of use.

Software that can transcribe audio files allows you to capture dialogue from a college lecture or a phone call, saving you the trouble of having to do so. Works with Many Programs and Devices The best speech-to-text software will not only be available on your preferred desktop operating system, but also in other formats.


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Most of the applications in our comparison are available for all recent Windows versions, and a few are available for Mac OS X or Linux. Any of the Dragon products are compatible with a companion smartphone dictation app, Dragon Anywhere, made by the same company and available separately for an additional subscription cost.

The benefits of the companion app include allowing you to dictate anywhere. Certain companion smartphone apps even allow mobile-to-desktop syncing and have cloud compatibility. Some simply offer compatibility with Bluetooth devices just to make dictating easier for you. Some allow you to open, navigate and interact with internet browsers so you can search the web, read online news stories and post to social media sites hands-free. One of the more unique features that a couple programs on our lineup have is the ability to work with PC games.

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The best companies host a combination of resources on their websites, like a knowledgebase, user manuals, video tutorials and a community user forum. Through our tests, we have identified the best voice recognition software programs currently available on the market. Each has the features you need to write documents, send emails, browse the web and post to social media sites. This works fairly well and uses a variety of commands that make sense.

How to use Speech Recognition in Windows

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Windows, Mac Features: Voice commands, dictation, transcription. Dragon has long been regarded as ruling the roost when it comes to speech recognition on the PC, with a long line of quality products which work at a high standard. Deep learning aside, Dragon 15 has a higher baseline accuracy right out of the box, too. This software provides full dictation capabilities, as well as voice commands to control your PC to open programs, navigate web pages and so forth — and note that you can dictate wherever you want, for example in Gmail in your browser. Extra features include the ability to create boilerplate forms or email signatures which can be inserted into a document with a single, simple command.

Both these capabilities could be major timesavers for those who will use them regularly. Note that this is a Windows package, but there is also a separate version for Mac. Android, iOS Features: Dictation, sync with Dragon Professional and cloud services. So essentially you get the same excellent speech recognition as seen on the desktop software — the only meaningful difference we noticed was a very slight delay in our spoken words appearing on the screen doubtless due to processing in the cloud.

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voice recognition application for windows 7 Voice recognition application for windows 7
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voice recognition application for windows 7 Voice recognition application for windows 7
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voice recognition application for windows 7 Voice recognition application for windows 7

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