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Shame they didn't make Tolle's death a accidental one like with Nicols death. Then again, Athrun intended to take down the Sky Grasper. I can't wait until this Remastered nonsense is over. The characters always looked bland, I hate their designs. Why did they decide to Remaster this when they already have Special Editions? They should've done another Gundam Series than this shit. God no, please no! And how can you fuckers even defend this garbage anyway? Then why don't other Series that are more memorable get this treatment?

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I'd rather see older Series get HD treatment, why should we have 3 different versions now? It doesn't even deserve it for how terrible it was. Dude remember turn a gundam that series although old school fans watched it then the young people did not and lack of media attention almost killed the franchise so when seed was created it brought back the same attention as was before so don't blame it.

Pluz, Zeta had a remaster too. Don't hold your hopes up, but some U. C series may get a HD remaster in the future. I honestly want a remake for Gundam X, that series didn't deserve getting cancelled like that. What the Stupid ass shit. That's what it is. I don't know what they're at. Trying to make Kira look more "innocent" or some shit?

Exactly what i thought when I saw it. Nicol didn't run into the sword. Why change that!? I don't think they're honest comparisons. The HDremastered look awefully like the DVD character design and art, and the one they used as original is probably the tv version. Now all they have to do is revamp seed destiny. That shit was horrible. Destiny had a great start, but went downhill the moment Kira sat down in freedom again Maybe they can revamp it, but they would need to redo a great deal of the story - Shin schould have stayed the main protagonist till the end.

Personally the remaster looks no better just new colours and animation and pointless changes He's a Gundam fan that's why. Drew so what is the best series? G is just soo god damn stupid u have to love it. I agree. To me most of the character and mobile suit designs in SEED were very ugly to start with so it is hard for a remastering to accomplish much. A Gundam Fan hating on a Gundam series If not then you're just a blind follower. I don't know why some of you are complaining about the remaster, it's not like the old show disappeared, you can still buy it.

For example, halo combat evolved anniversary was way better than the original. What annoys me is why Seed? They should have remastered older shows, or why not remaster Age lol. Seed and Destiny already got a special edition. But it's nice to see the cool detailed scenes and Super Strike! The old shows HAVE been remastered, only they're mostly not sold outside Japan except for the recent re-release of which has a new transfer.

The Zeta Gundam movies demonstrate why it's probably not a good idea anyway to mix cel and digital styles. Why seed? Cause it sells in Japan. That's enough reason for Bandai to do anything. Even and Zeta animation has aged better than this. Guess this confirms the theory that Fukuda pumped most of the show's budget into music with little left for decent animation. Because Seed introduced me to some of the best music I have ever heard. Agreed, Seed has probably the best OST of any Gundam show, it was one of the things that kept me hooked. Thankfully this remaster fixes some of the animation problems though I wish they didn't crop it.

Also not looking forward to the removal of a certain helmet C'mon Sunrise, prove me wrong! Can't believe it looked that bad. Bandai's putting a lot of effort into this. It's nice to see that Muu got pilot to the Perfect Strike. But Cagalii is going to pilot the Strike Rouge I. I thought that was supposed to be too difficult for her limited skill.

So anyone wanna tell me why we see Flay naked all the time in Rau's bed? Did the writers imply she was constantly being sexually used by Rau or imply something else? Wouldn't being sexually abused make Flay even more hateful towards coordinators thus undoing her character arc of seeing them as human and letting go of her racism?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, for all we know she initiated it lol. I actually liked this more Flay being the manipulative slut we all know she is, now is being manipulated by the grand manipulative bastard of the Cosmic Era universe Never really cared for this series but the remastered version much better then the original. Well it makes the series more watchable by today's standards that's for sure. Seed's animation was pretty mediocre even for the time it was released. It was probably one of the main factors of the show's popularity.

But yeah if you can imagine Seed without its awesome soundtrack it would be a pretty medicore anime.

One of the only things to push it beyond being just ok, was the music which created all those epic moments we remember. Anyone knows who the brown haired chick is in the pic with Rau, Flayy and Yzak. Pretty sure I have seen her somewhere before but I can't quite put my finger on what exactly: I must say the remastered version's facial expressions are a lot better than it was with the original I despise subtitles, but may have to put up.

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I loves me some SEED. And the Scene with the Destiny crew added in, lol, those that could only hint at a remaster of Destiny and unless they completely remake that, not even the Music will make that worth while. I'd still have to give them props for taking a story in an insane albeit awful direction.

Wow it's been years since I watched Gundam Seed but holy crap I just realized how bad they look compared to the Remaster even though the time I watched it I thought the art was great lol I can't wait to get this on BD though I'm still going to keep the original for memories. GS become worse because GSD Make a better reason why Freedom is can be repaired after destroyed and make Neo is not Fllaga!

Make GS's characters same with before. She will come in the wars with akatsuki. Make another MS to Neo! Throw Kira and Lacus's egoism! Don't make Athrun is weak, too weak hearts, can cry in front of many people, not reasonable,and never kill enemies Don't make Lacus is too womanly. Make a better reason why Rey kill Gildarts. Make Shinn and Stellar meeting is not only twice before know that Stellar is enemy, because it's impossible Shinn can be in love in two meeting So it turns out the final ep count of GS HD remaster is 48 eps while the original series run was 50 eps.

They must have completely deleted some of the blatant clip show episodes that added nothing to the story. Thank god. Also the final HD remaster ep 48 includes the 'After Phase' epilogue where everyone gathers for dinner with the war orphans and the blind Reverend on the island.

So can somebody tell me on which episode of Gundam Seed did Shin and the others appeared? I have this urge to see that idiot's face again. I am unable to access it from Europe. Why is that? Are there any sites I can watch it from? Well, the remastering certainly did wonders for their hair; its so voluminous and shiny now! I didnt expect that old GS is this much ugly when it comes to quality of animations. I watched the old ones and compare it with this. Destiny has a remastered version too but still i dont like it.

When kira pilots the freedom again, it makes the serries more interesting. Remastered Scene. Original Scene. Episode 36 View this episode: Previous Episodes Comparisons: Posted by G. GideonBurogu December 31, at 7: Anonymous January 1, at 5: Anonymous January 6, at Cassandra Cole September 5, at 6: Anonymous September 6, at 8: Anonymous September 7, at 5: Anonymous December 13, at Anonymous January 6, at 1: Anonymous January 11, at 4: Anonymous January 11, at KyDdxLidD January 17, at 9: Baltej March 17, at Anonymous April 16, at 3: Anonymous October 21, at 7: Anonymous January 6, at 3: Anonymous January 6, at 4: Anonymous January 6, at 7: Madcap January 6, at 7: La January 6, at 9: Anonymous January 13, at 4: Anonymous March 17, at Hong January 6, at 9: MaddJakd September 3, at Anonymous January 7, at 5: Asian1skill July 3, at 9: Anonymous January 7, at 8: Anonymous January 8, at Crimson Comet January 11, at Anonymous January 12, at 1: Anonymous January 13, at 9: Anonymous January 13, at AJ January 14, at 4: Anonymous April 30, at Strike Phoenix June 30, at 5: Anonymous January 12, at 3: Anonymous January 16, at AdvancedZeta June 30, at Alex Dino January 13, at 7: Anonymous August 24, at 8: Anonymous January 13, at 7: AJ January 13, at BlackSun88 August 4, at 1: Alex Dino January 14, at 5: Anonymous January 15, at Anonymous March 1, at 7: Anonymous January 8, at 5: Anonymous June 11, at 8: Anonymous March 1, at Anonymous June 30, at 8: Anonymous March 18, at Anonymous March 19, at 6: Anonymous May 1, at 9: Anonymous June 30, at 3: Zoidiect Archaea June 30, at Anonymous June 30, at 6: Anonymous June 30, at Anonymous July 1, at 5: Anonymous July 1, at 6: Anonymous July 1, at 3: Anonymous July 3, at 4: Anonymous July 4, at 7: Anonymous December 14, at Anonymous July 5, at Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by Boosted HiaceFigured out how to fix the aspire es mouse touch pad after buying it.

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GUNDAM GUY: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster - Remastered & Comparison Images [Updated 10/21/12]

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mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf Mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf
mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf Mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf
mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf Mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf
mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf Mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf
mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf Mobile suit gundam seed mp4 mf

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