Best project management apps for ipad 2013


Trello is the project management tool of choice by teams at The Verge, The New York Times, Tumblr, and others, and it doesn't hurt that it's free and simple to get started with.

Five Best Personal Project Management Tools

OneNote is more than just a great note-taking tool although it definitely excels at that. It can also be an excellent personal planner, and depending on how you use it, it can be a pretty solid personal project manager. We shared some of our favorite OneNote tips in our guide to being productive with what you have at the office.

Among more than a few project management-focused designs to help you organize complex projects with lots of to-dos and moving parts. Using OneNote as a project management tool can be tricky, since it's not especially good at giving you a quick, top-down view of everything that's going on at once, but there's no reason you can't build that yourself using the tools available.

Plus, once you power up OneNote with plugins like OneTastic , or keep your files in SkyDrive where you can get to them and your projects using the OneNote apps for iPhone , iPad , and Android , you'll find OneNote can be a remarkably powerful tool. The only downside to OneNote is the price. It's part of Microsoft Office, but you don't have to buy it along with Office. If you do want it as part of Office, you'll have to shell out some cash to get a licensed copy , either with a copy of Office for yourself, or a subscription to Microsoft's cloud-based office suite, Office How much depends on your situation.

If you have access to it at work or through a student discount, take advantage of it.

Evernote is another killer note-taking tool, but when it comes to the incredible things you can do with it, the sky's the limit. We've shared some of our favorite uses for it and our thoughts on why it's so popular , but its power is clear once you start using it. Adding simple notes is a snap, creating notebooks for multiple projects or parts of your life you want to organize is simple, and searching across everything you've entered is easy too.

Don't be afraid to create tons of notes and notebooks either—it may sound counterproductive to getting organized, but one of the best things about Evernote is that it can quickly make sense out of a lot of information and present it to you so you see what you need to see. You can even use Evernote to digitize your pen and paper notes, documents, and other files so you can toss them into the relevant project notebook you want to save them in.

Evernote has a massive ecosystem of apps that feed into it and support it, not to mention its web clipper and its iOS and Android apps. Once you start using it, you'll want to get premium pretty quickly.

If you're looking for a tool to organize your life, Evernote is a great one to look at, but it's just as good at organizing your kitchen remodel imagine a notebook with all of your ideas, receipts, links and clipped pages of fixtures or appliances you want to buy, contact information for contractors, bills, notes, and a project plan, neatly organized or your family vacation picture a notebook with clippings of the destinations you're considering, your detailed travel budget, ticket and booking receipts, and more inside , too.

Azendoo is another hybrid task and project management tool, and while there's a strong focus on teams and collaboration, it's just as easy to use it to manage your own pet projects and personal workload. You do get some free storage with the service so you can upload files directly to your projects, and you can easily assign to-dos to other people, check on their status, make comments on individual tasks, track changes, and see how a project is going from a top-down view. Plus, it does it all in a simple interface that's easy to get used to and simple to use.

Azendoo is a webapp, but you can take your projects on the go thanks to its iOS and Android apps. Praises to the developer and hope more to come. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Project management with natural gestures on Gantt chart, synchronizing and sharing projects across multiple devices and teams, and supports to integrate with Microsoft Project Plan.

To be compatible with QuickPlan for macOS 3. What's New: Tiny Bug Fixes Please check out the release notes at https: Please check out the details at http: QuickPlan is being enhanced - to be more efficient - Keyboard shortcuts - Option to adjust text size on Gantt Chart QuickPlan, the one of the best productivity apps, is being enhanced continuously. Please check out the release notes at http: Please visit http: We can't respond to App Store reviews so please email if something seems broken, also App Store reviews are very welcome.

PDF Exporting enhancement - Option to render Outline and Gantt chart at same page - Option to include sub project and collapsed tasks - Outline task column selection - "Auto" page size Excel exporting enhancement - Outline task column selection UI customization options - By default to lock project - By default to display narrow row height - First or last day of the week to be shown on timeline Please visit http: Bug fix Please visit http: Please export your existing projects to Dropbox or Box cloud before migrating.

The old projects will be hidden on some devices still on iPad after migrating, you can import the old projects from Dropbox and Box if exported the project to the cloud storages. Enhancements includes automatic iCloud sync, Excel importing, more outline levels, improved gestures, resource cost rate, advanced cost columns, task link behaviour options, improved exporting options, and etc.

Please visit the support website to read the release notes. Task property dialog improvement - To edit date, duration and work of task 2. Excel exporting improvement - Child project be included, new excel format, office open issue fixed 3. New gesture - Long press on task bar to show task property dialog 5. Background image selection options 6.

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Others - Contacts been sorted at selection dialog, Left panel width be remembered, Week number display option,. Child Project - Create child project and link with Parent project, for better task organizating 2. Task Link - "Finish to Start" task link for Non-group tasks, one predcessor allowed 3. Microsoft Excel exporting - Share as Microsoft Excel file to replace csv file, with formatted content 4.

Importing projects from iTunes 5.

Best Project Management App on iOS

Project Calendar - Working and Non-working day of project setting 7. Project Contacts - Manage project contacts and specify the contact of tasks 8. Task icon Milestone task Box cloud access improved Passcode Improved image and xml exporting format UI enhancements - Display task column selection, Date selection popover view. Three level outlines support — Maintain, Export and Import projects with 3 level of tasks 2. My favorite part of this instant message-style chat is that it stays with you as you navigate through the program.

This allows you to look at your work as you communicate with team members, rather than clicking back and forth between screens. However, if your business is such that you have remote team members, the cost could well be worth it. From simple drag-and-drop task completion to more complicated setups, card view is able to handle it all. Make no mistake, this is a simple program, but if you are used to folders and Post-Its, it should feel familiar.

This is my FAVORITE project management app! - Introduction to Ora

Trello goes for the low, low price of zero dollars a month. This will get you extra security, priority support, and more. It is all well and good to talk about how simple is best, but sometimes you need just a bit more than programs like Trello and Squidhub can offer. It is usually at its best in a small business but can scale well for larger teams as well. Work is divided between organizations, teams, and projects, but Asana continues by letting you split projects into sections and fill each section with tasks.

There is no time like the present when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of your business. If you spent any part of wondering whether there was something you could do to help improve employee cohesion, reduce turnaround time, and ensure that all members of your team know just what they should be doing, then a project management app might just be what you have been looking for. Though there are many options out there that could prove effective, the five examples outlined above are almost sure to meet your needs.

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In , make the kind of choice that starts this year off right. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. Tried many different project management apps over the years.

best project management apps for ipad 2013 Best project management apps for ipad 2013
best project management apps for ipad 2013 Best project management apps for ipad 2013
best project management apps for ipad 2013 Best project management apps for ipad 2013
best project management apps for ipad 2013 Best project management apps for ipad 2013
best project management apps for ipad 2013 Best project management apps for ipad 2013
best project management apps for ipad 2013 Best project management apps for ipad 2013

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