Kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3

Why is Kobo Arc better than Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

The Kobo Arc feels pleasant to hold. Display The Kobo Arc tablet sports a 7-inch display featuring a resolution of x pixels and pixel density of ppi.

Why is Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 better than Kobo Arc?

The display is bright, vibrant, and offers good viewing angles. It is ideal for use as an e-book or magazine reader as text appeared sharp and images vivid. Videos also looked good.

However, we observed that the sunlight legibility on the tablet was average and the screen was very reflective. We also found that the the screen was a bit prone to smudges. Camera The Kobo Arc comes with a 1. The stock Camera app is also available for taking pictures or recording videos through the front camera complete with settings for White Balance, Exposure, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, ISO, among other options. Pictures taken with the camera were functional at best. User interface The Kobo Arc tablet runs Android 4.

The Arc comes with Google's apps in addition to Kobo's 'eBooks' store and library. Two elements that differentiate the Kobo Arc from any other Android tablet are Tapestries and a Discover recommendation feeds, both of which are present on the home screen. Tapestries are a kind of folders that include a set of app icons and related widgets.

They also allow you to 'pin' certain pieces of content including webpages, YouTube videos and books to the home screen for quicker access via the sharing menu. Items can be pinned to the home screen and within the tapestries on the Kobo Arc. The tapestries can be deleted and moved, as well. However, the Discover feed bar can not be removed.

A horizontal Discover feed is present at the bottom and features recommended content that you can buy or just pin to the home screen or tapestries. Barring books, nothing else is available on the Kobo Arc as the 7Digital content store doesn't support India. The Discover feed also learns from the user's preferences and pinned content in addition to a 'Taste Profile' utility that analyses books that you search and buy.

Navigation menu

Other than that, the usual Android app launcher and notifications tray make you feel at home if you've used an Android device before. Interestingly, you can get rid of the tapestries interface by installing a custom Android launcher. The included Kobo bookstore works in India and the tablet allows you to buy, manage and download books.

The Kobo reading app offers a good reading experience complete with options to make and share notes, share reading activity on social networks via Reading Life and the usual controls for fonts and navigation. Overall, the Arc is a full fledged Android tablet and not just an e-reader with limited capabilities.

The tablet performs well when it comes to doing routine tasks.


TabletRocket is no longer available

It offers 16GB of internal storage and there's no memory card for expansion. With Android 4. We did not experience significant lags while launching apps, scrolling web pages or switching between apps. We were able to play casual games like Subway Surfers without hitch, but observed that graphics intensive ones like Asphalt 7 didn't run very smoothly and there were some dropped frames. We were able to play HD video clips of all major file formats on the Kobo Arc without encountering any issues. The Kobo Arc comes with its own Arc browser based on the Android browser, and renders all webpages well.

It also offers Chrome. The two front speakers of the Kobo Arc deliver good quality sound and we found the volume levels to be satisfactorily high. It's worth pointing out that the Arc tablet doesn't include GPS hardware, so mapping and location abilities are a bit stunted. Also, Kobo doesn't offer a 3G version so you'll need Wi-Fi or a hotspot capable device to access the Internet on the move. The biggest difference between the two tablets is the processor.

In general usage, both tablets perform well and offer fast performance. Where Tegra 3 gives the Nexus the advantage is games. Video performance on both is on a par, even when watching HD clips. Both tablets have 1. Both are good enough for video chats, though neither camera is impressive. Other than Wi-Fi, the Arc has no other wireless radios. The lack of Bluetooth is surprising given that the Arc does make a decent multimedia machine. If you want more connectivity options, the Nexus 7 is for you. Both Google and Kobo claim 9 — 10 hours of battery life for their respective tablets.

Both the Nexus and the Arc are good at sipping power when in standby. If pure Android is important to you, then the Nexus 7 is the obvious choice. Likewise if gaming is your thing and you want the most powerful processor that works with the best titles. If neither of those aspects are that important, the Kobo Arc has manifest charms, mainly in interface.

Despite the lack of many radios, the Arc is a compelling alternative to the Nexus. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors' Recommendations Apple iPhone 7 vs.

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kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3 Kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3
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kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3 Kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3
kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3 Kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3
Kobo arc vs samsung galaxy tab 3

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