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However, many of the clothes chosen in stores don't fit exactly right. The clothes purchased are right from the racks of real stores, but most of the clothes are tailored to fit the participant before the final reveal. At that point, the clothing fits perfectly. Stacey London and Clinton Kelly are the fashion advisors of the show, and while they do a great job during the judging and final reveal, they are not present when the participant is released to go shopping for new clothes.

Ladies, need fashion help -- or a makeover?

While the format of What Not to Wear followed a pretty static formula — participant gets nominated by family member or friend, gets a gift card to buy new clothing, gets judged on choices at the end — some of the behind-the-scenes portions not involving the participant was never shown. For example, the chosen person for the show is there for the shopping and final judgement segments. So, during moments like those, the subject is placed in a fancy hotel for the duration of filming those scenes.

But for some, the show had a more profound effect than what was aired. Especially after the show.


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Participants have met their husbands after their transformations, sometimes soon after the show aired. Which What Not to Wear secret surprised or shocked you? Let us know in the comments! Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Leave A Comment. Assassin's Creed: The Handmaid's Tale: Harry Potter: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

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The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. A fresh take on sports: Would have already left this life, but she stayed for us and I am forever grateful to still have her by my side, I know how proud of herself she used to be, I know that now she hides away from the world because she doesn't think she is beautiful, and I know that I want to help make her feel good about herself, I want her to be proud of what she wears and know that even if she can't see herself that she looks good in what she's wearing and feels confident again.

I want to nominate my mom for this, she's always managed to give me anything and everything I've ever needed. It's my turn to help her. I know you guys can work magic I've spent enough time watching you to know that much…could you please try with her? Me and my best friend of 30years are still rocking the clothes we did at 12 years. While we could both use a makeover I would love to see her have one. She's a single mother of 3 that goes with out consistently.

Thank you.

I have an Administrative Assistant, Katie, who just began teaching our adult students who are looking to obtain their high school credential and enter the workforce. Katie is a homesteader who lives on a farm, is quirky, a bit crazy and lots of fun. She can light up a room and, at times, the whole building. Her eclectic style is very frumpy, her hair has no style and she never wears makeup.

Friend in Need Makeover

Katie has a master's degree and may be able to help folks move forward with their education but she is NOT setting any type of example for those looking for work when it comes to dressing for success. If necessary, we can send pics! LOL You'll die! Dale Hayden. I just watched this episode and it really hit home. I had always been thin but shapely — 5'6" — even after the birth of a child, wearing size About yes ago, when I turned 40, I became so depressed I was hospitalized in the mood disorders unit at mayo clinic in Rochester.

That event, the medication, and taking disability from a very good career — added nearly lbs. My depression comes and goes, really goes if I attempt to shop.

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And I turn 50 in November so the depression can only get worse. I hate the way I look and feel — but I feel so defeated. I used to wear slacks-jeans that fit -tailored blouses tucked in with a belt and boots or slip ons. I looked good and i knew it. People noticed me. Now i am a blob of hide my fat and get back home fast.

Sarah Jordan episode inspired me that i need to do something about my weight to look and feel better or learn to shop for clothes that flatter what i have to work with. Money is a restriction for me. Hi I am Angelin a 20 year old young women, who was a teen mom, part time and full time college studentand not sure hot to dress anymore, because I have that mom body and never really learned how to dress. Boston Phoenix.

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TLC's 'What Not to Wear' co-host Stacy London blocked Clinton Kelly on Twitter, he reveals

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what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
what not to wear tlc application What not to wear tlc application
What not to wear tlc application

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